megd930 (megd930) wrote in fgtfans,

Anyone out there?

Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone here me?  (cue Celine Dion music)  I just watched the movie again last night (for about the millionth time), which then led to me digging out the book to read again (for about the billionth time) and I realized I had no idea whether or not there was even a large fandom for this story.  I haven't really found much besides a few well done one parters, so I figured I'd see if anyone has any suggestions that maybe I haven't run across.  Or if anyone is still around and is interested in some new fic?  I have a bunch of stories in the works in various fandoms, but if there's still a following out there, I'd love to try my hand at writing a fic for one of my all time favorite stories.  Maybe some new blood would liven things up around here and inspire other writers to come out of the woodwork.  FGT is such a lovely story and it's a shame there's such a small following, but I am so glad to know there are some people out there who appreciate this book and film as much as I do!

Anyone interested?  Or know where I can find some more fics?  Maybe even multi-chapter stories?  

Thanks a lot!

- Meaghan
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