fab_fan (fab_fan) wrote in fgtfans,

Discussion Question

 Hey everyone!

I've noticed this place is kind of dead, which is really sad. Being a fan of both the book and the movie, I'd love to have a place where I can go and talk about them with other people. So, with my fingers crossed, I wanted to throw this question out there and see what, if any, thoughts there are on it.

With the book, was anyone else upset by the fact Onzell sort of killed Ruth without telling Idgie or Stump about it? She sent Idgie and Stump away and then gave Ruth that overdose. Just imagine, Idgie and their son are out in the woods searching for things for Ruth and Onzell's back home facilitating Ruth's death and then going with her to the hospital. Idgie and Stump didn't even get to be there when Ruth died. I know Onzell was really protective of Ruth and close to her, but that's not exactly something you take away from a family - the chance to be there with their loved one in her final moments. 
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